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Gridiron Classic Results!

December 10, 2014

I had an awesome time at The Gridiron Classic and got to see and compete with a lot of longtime friends.  It was a great time!

The format was a full Round Robin, which, if you’re not familiar, means every player plays against every other player.  A coin flip decided who got choice of game or player order.  The top six at the end with the best win/loss record went on to the finals.

There were 22 entrants so that meant 21 matches for each player.  Entry was steep at $40 + coin drop, with $30 going to charity, but everyone who entered at least got a good amount of matches for their entry fee.

Matches went quickly because Phoenix Games in Concord  has 13 games.  As soon as a match was done, there was always another player who needed an opponent.  And the rule was you could only pick a game that was either open or on ball 3.

As for me, I started pretty cold.  I got a couple warm-up games, caught up with old friends, but my first ten matches were a wash, basically winning one and losing one.  Trading wins and losses, I knew, wasn’t going to cut it.  I took a break, got something to eat and re-assessed.

It’s a tournament, it’s a grind, I’m here to try and win.  I started choosing the games I knew I could consistently win on, even if they were boring to me.  I went to my ‘bidness’ games and I shoved a couple players out to get a spot in the finals, but just barely.

And in the Finals?  Eh, played okay, but not good enough, ended 6th.  Still, against such a tough field, I’m not complaining.

All around a good time and some bucks went to charity.

Full Results:

1. Aaron Nelson
2. Walter Hurwitz
3. Chris Heilig
4. TJ Beyer
5. Alex Samonte
6. Jon Olkowski
7. Tom Collins
7. Robin Lassonde
9. David Rockholt
9. Stephen Kleckner
9. Usama Farage
9. Rich Machado
13. David Joud
13. Aaron Wong
13. Josh Warren
13. Ellen Frankel
13. Mitch Tunick
18. Kevin Riekki
18. Bob Matthews
18. Chris Kochan
18. Jay Sandy
22. Mike Glick

1. Aaron Nelson
2. Alex Samonte
3. Robin Lassonde
4. TJ Beyer
5. Chris Kochan
6. Bob Matthews
7. Walter Hurwitz
8. Chris Heilig
9. Josh Warren
10. Ellen Frankel
11. Usama Farage
12. Tom Collins

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