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Meme Ball

December 19, 2014




“The pinball experts at British game room retailer Liberty Games have made a strong start in that direction by converting a 1975 Segasa “Baby Doll” pinball table into “Meme Ball,” a repository for all of human culture’s hopes and dreams and grumpy faced cats. Using 3D printers, a Raspberry Pi computer, and a lot of hard work, Liberty Games has created the only pinball machine in the world that features a “Winter is coming” reference and Rickrolls you when you lose a ball. The overall impression given by the fully functional table is a chaotic grab bag of random jokes and visual elements, all hurled at the viewer’s eyes in a desperate bid for recognition and attentionin other words, a perfect embodiment of “meme culture.” It’s a first step into converting the relics of the past into something relatable to modern eyes, creating a glorious future where we can all haz cheeseburger.”

Full article here.

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