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Robert Gagno talks Autism, Pinball

October 20, 2015


“I have always had strong interests in certain things. I used to love exit signs, rotating fans and fire alarms when I was little. My mom said she would let me turn switches on and off to keep me in one place but would have to watch me around fire alarms. I remember following the “Pull Alarm” directions at least three times and all the excitement it caused.”

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Robert Gagno is high-functioning autistic and ranked 5th in the world out of over 36,000 registered players. He is the top Canadian player. A short documentary about Robert called “Wizard Mode” is going into production after a successful Indiegogo campaign.  Additionally, a distributor scooped up the film and is offering to one-for-one match all contributions for the remainder of the campaign.  There’s still four days left so if you’d like to contribute, go here.

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