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Tall Tales

October 22, 2015


Pinball. I will kick your ass. I have 3 Texas titles and one City title. Not that they mean anything, but bragging rights. This is me whipping up Pinbot. I would run it up to some ungodly amount of free games then walk away. We are talking BILLIONS, not millions, of points. At Mama’s Cafe on Westheimer, some dumbass who used to play daily there and had high score of 15 MILLION; and was shooting his mouth off to drunk buddies. I challenged him and told him I would spot him a million a ball; free balls count as same play ball; $1500 per ball. He thought I was full of shit, but said sure. Not that he had the money, but I had a backer anyways. After 2 hours of me playing I had over 87 million and was headed towards 100 million, still on first ball with about 7 stacked up. He didn’t get to play. I told him he had been set up by the guy who owned the machine. No money exchanged hands, and I simply threw the game, left my initials of EDX on the machine, and had a few beers and left. So yes, I will kick your ass in pinball earthling…..and have been playing since 4. Also won a pinball contest at Confetti’s here in Houston, BLINDFOLDED….and got FREE TICKETS to The Who concert!

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