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Johnny Briggs Wins Season 1 of the Pacific Pinball League

July 31, 2017

Congratulations to Johnny Briggs for winning the first season of the Pacific Pinball League!  Full results below.

The Pacific Pinball League is a new fun, competitive way to play the silver ball in Alameda, CA.  Each week features a different format that tests players’ abilities and teaches new approaches to the game.  We play popular tournament formats such as Match Play, 3-Strikes, Pin Golf and more.  The league is open to all skill levels and we help each other get better at the game we all love.  The next season starts mid-September.




1 Johnny Briggs
2 Evan Ponchick
3 David Lee 0.81
4 Roland Nadeau
5 David Ortega 0.69
5 Conrad Seeto
7 Sean Reynolds
8 Peter Soriano
8 Jon Olkowski
11 John Cena
11 Garrett Philips
11 Derrick Seeto
13 Bill Buranich
13 Michael Harris
14 Stacey Miller
15 Michael Schiess
16 Mary Raymond
17 Steve Morales
18 Albert Kong
19 Martin Johnson
20 Josh Lehan
21 Phil Hallsten
22 Dale Collins
23 Kevin Lewis
24 Joe Perry

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