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Wizard Mode: A Pinball Tournament – Results!

September 18, 2017


58 players, 46 playing in their first pinball tournament ever, competed in the Chabot Space and Science Pinball Tournament!  It was a showcase of the Pacific Pinball Museum’s exhibit of nearly 40 games at Chabot, and a collaboration I’ve long hoped would come together between these two great local museums.  Gravity ultimately ruled the day (it always does), but not before these players put up a ton of points and had a great time.

The pinball exhibit still runs through September 24, so check it out if you can.  And if you attended the event and you want more, consider joining the Pacific Pinball League Wednesdays in Alameda.  It’s a fun, friendly league for all ages and skill levels.  You can also check out the next Pinball Show at the Golden State Pinball Festival in May.


Above: The top Kids finalists battle it out on Old Chicago, a game made three decades before they were born!


Alistair McEvilly (left) took First in Kids, followed by Sam Cherin (middle) and Mason Mulen (right)


Karl Lind, of Portland, Oregon, battles it out in the Finals of the Open Division.


The top 3: Luke Baxter took Second Place (left) Karl Lind (Middle) took the top honors, and Derek Lipkin took 3rd.


Lea Perez (second from right) was Women’s Champion.

Full Results:

Grand Champion Karl Lind
2 Luke Baxyer
3 Derek Lipkin
4 Timothy Jordon
Women’s Champion Lea Perez
6 Joe Gordon
7 Josh Lehan
8 Nicholas Jarboe
9 Antonio Vasquez
10 Michael Huntsman
11 Leod Hechter
12 Jonathan Cherin
13 Donald Lathbury
14 Joy Fleming
15 Jason Freeman
16 Jared Gurvey
17 Kenny Davis
18 Nathaniel Rogue
19 Stacey Miller
20 Kelly Jordan
21 Irene Steffer
22 Carl Gorringe
Kid’s 1st Place Alistair McEvilly
24 Jonah Vasquez
25 Mario Godoy
26 Chris Reed
27 Crystal Smith
28 Sam Cherin
29 Andrei Massenkoff
30 Seth Beerle
31 Megan Kard
32 Mike Adair
33 John Cena
34 Matt Potter
35 Mason Mulen
36 Catalina Espino Devine
37 Ivan Davis
38 Marcus Silbevuy
39 Gretchen Walker
40 Iana Ivanova
41 Preston Mullen
42 Adrian McEvilly
43 Dot Richards
44 Nicolas Sokblanchard
45 Joanne Chan
46 Cristina Deptula
47 Paula Mia Devine
48 Christopher Chavez
49 Nathaniel Smith
50 Dylan Chuey
51 Lilah Michelle Lackney
52 Sydney Freeman
53 Liz Austerman
54 Alex Devine
55 Dominic LeBakken
56 Leslie Chavez
57 Shuang Zhang
58 Alex Perratti

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