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Learn from the Top Players!

August 7, 2010

At California Extreme 2010, Jim Belsito (ranked no. 15 in the world) and Keith Elwin (ranked 2nd in the world) held off top players such as Neil Shatz, Andrei Massenkoff and Brian Dominy to make it to the Final match.

The Final was a best of three contest played on Demolition Man, NBA Fast Break and Doctor Who.

Notice how the backbox game is broken and when activated the player can rack up tons of points by just mashing the flipper buttons.  This exploit was allowed to stand because nearly everyone in the tournament was aware of it. However, some didn’t fully understand it and thought you had to time your flips for maximum points. And a handful weren’t aware of it at all.

Regardless, note how both Jim and Keith readily took advantage of this in their games.  In a competitive situation, you take the points whereever you can!

In Doctor Who, both players pursue the “safe” strategy of shooting the loop and collecting the Sonic Boom award.  Notice on Jim’s final ball he decides to “go for it” and try to activate multiball.  Even though multiball is potentially worth hundreds of millions of points, activating it is extremely risky. To consistently score higher, the top players will look for shots that are safe and score only average or mediocre point amounts over high-risk, high reward shots.

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