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October 20, 2010

Pinball and Coin-op Innovations – written in 1965

Pretty much a “paint by numbers” article but kind of interesting for
historical reasons.

Part 1:

Part 2 is about coin acceptor mechs:

It mentions a Part 3 about juke boxes but it appears it was never

Gottlieb history, written in 1967

Article starts at the bottom of the page, entitled “The Fun and Games
of Dave Gottlieb”

Nazi Pinball Game

A bagatelle game where the goal is to bomb targets in England by shooting balls into the correct scoring slots.

The game was made out of cardboard and hate, but is otherwise a
bagatelle. Doesn’t show up on IPDB.

Old (very old) arcade photos

Wonderland Arcade, 1943. Click the image for more.

There are some great ones in the LIFE archive.

Go to and type or copy/paste

pinball source:life

into the search box.


arcade source:life

Search results are limited to 10 pages so you have to click on an
image and click on “related images” to see others which don’t come up
in the search.

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