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Historical Stuffs pt 2

October 20, 2010

These aren’t my movies, just some recent finds:

Montreal Arcade – 1982. shot on 8mm. vids and pins.

Here’s a short documentary someone did of Times Square in the 1980s. I was
in NYC in 1986 on a family trip and remember a lot of those old gritty
arcades back then. Ironically, on that same trip we also drove up to
Montreal and Toronto, and I remember arcades up there as well. The
first time I saw Space Harrier was in an arcade in Toronto and it is
one of my favorite games of all time. Five Canadian quarters for one
US dollar at the time, if I recall, and most games were one Canadian
quarter. We thought that was so cool.

Here is one of the Time Out arcade from the 70s/80s.

Now, turning the wayback machine dial to Full:

Amusement co. interview and some scenes of games being shopped. No
sound, unfortunately:

Amusement exhibition from 1968. Several EM non-pins:

This is the only vid with a pre-flipper pinball I’ve seen (appears near the

British Arcade: 1969:

Scene from “The Courtship of Eddie’s Father”:

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