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More PPE setup pics

September 17, 2011

Some more Pacific Pinball Exposition set up pics.  Last night, after a brief stop at the warehouse and some work on the tournament plaques, I went into the museum.  The crowd was nice for a Friday night.  Lots of woodrail and EM play last night, and the modern room was packed as usual.

A vintage coin-op in the warehouse.  This one was especially popular with Federal Law Enforcement.  Should they leave the sticker or take it off?

Back at the Museum.  Don’t be a flipper chimp!

Some Silver Sails goodness for you Bingo fans.  PPM has two Bingos on display.  “For Amusement Only”, of course.   Chris Nash almost got the four corners.  Later he racked up 192 credits.

One of the bingos currently on display at PPM was seized by the Alameda Police Department in the old days of pinball’s sketchy past.

Some early history greets visitors when they first walk in to the Museum.

In addition to these “firsts” games, which are on display only, there’s a playable Humpty Dumpty in the woodrail row.


PPM also pays a lot of tribute to classic coin-op.  So much more character to these early games.  The puck bowler is great fun but breaks down a lot.

AARRRRGGHH.  This game is fun to play and you get clown nightmares to boot!

Current PAPA World Champion Andrei Massenkoff entertained spectators on Tron last night.  I was testing a fix, and handed the game over to him on ball 3 with only a million points.  He ran it up to 113M on the last ball as the museum was closing.  On just one ball!  I guess that’s why he’s the world champ.

Here is my latest Ironman modification.  For some reason this was not embraced and I was told to remove it.

Ed and Dan, two PPM artists, talk strategy on how the murals will be set up for the show.

Mike Schiess is a big lover of juke boxes.  The one on the right is the one typically playing on fix-it nights.  A few of the records are “productivity music” – music to encourage productivity!   (Oddly enough it does, and gets you a working mood.)  It also plays newer records, but at a reduced speed.  Everything sounds like Pink Floyd.

Eric Koss has been helping with the mural prep and recently finished an eye-popping Out of Site which will be on display at the Exposition.

Chris Nash deals with some flipper issues on Special Force.  A lot of shortcut hacks have made this one particularly explicative-inducing.

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  1. September 28, 2011 9:46 pm

    I can’t imagine all the work that went into setting up the show. I talked with some of the staff about not just the effort of moving everything (gotta love those 4 player games, hey?), but getting all the pins tuned up. And keeping the games happy all weekend.

    Well done, for sure. I certainly enjoyed the fruits of your labor. Thanks to all involved.

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