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“I never drink… wine.” PAPA’s Dracula tutorial

September 19, 2011

Bram Stoker’s Dracula is one of the toughest games to come out of the 90s.  It uses lightning flippers which are 1/8″ inch shorter than usual, creating a 1/4″ wider center drain.  This might seem like not much but it makes a huge difference.  In addition, when you launch the ball it feeds into the pop bumpers so you can expect to get at least one house ball each game.

But it gets worse.  The Castle ramp, a key ramp in the game, will return weak shots out-of control at best, or fling them right down the middle at worst.  The Coffin Ramp, once open, feeds into the pop bumpers for more out-of-control fun, and shooting the Castle lock targets in anything other than multi-ball is asking to be punished.  The game is brutal.

Why play it?  Because it is also one of the most satisfying games if you can tame it.  The goal is to stack all three multiballs, an incredibly difficult task but the points can be face-melting if you do.  This is one of those games where if you really get rolling, people will stop what they’re doing and start watching.

The fine folks at PAPA have provided yet another excellent tutorial showing what it takes to deal with the hordes of the undead that will otherwise send you back to the token machine like a dazed zombie.  “Quuuaaaarrrrterss….”

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