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Transformers Limited Edition

December 24, 2011

EBPL’s Jim Vierra had a holiday get together last night so we got to try our his new Transformers LE.

Mark and Josh playing TF LE. Josh got the best scores of the night, around 41M.

My initial impressions?  It’s a lot of fun.  By the end of the night I was just starting to figure out the rules and put together a game plan.  The best I managed was 21M.

There’s three skill shots that we found: the typical rollover lane, a precision plunge Super Skill Shot, and a second super skill shot if you hold the left flipper to plunge the orbit and then shoot into the Ironside shot.  The ironside shot is tough to hit on the fly but it’s worth 750k, spots Ironside letters and gets you one shot closer to starting a mode.  On the other hand, the rollover lanes can either 2x your bonus or light shot-doublers.  So right from the plunge you have some strategic decisions to make.

This game is FAST.  I’m mean really, really fast.  My first two games I think I had one ball that lasted more than 30 seconds as I was trying to learn the shots, and hitting a standup target at the wrong time seems as if there’s a kickback mechanism because it returns the ball so fast.

It’s also notorious for air balls going over the flippers. When Jim first un-boxed it he said it was throwing so many airballs over the flippers he had TJ Beyer install some plexi barriers in strategic locations.  It will probably settle down some after a few hundred plays.

Jim, Josh and Chris



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