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Ban Zoe Pinball results

May 25, 2012

It’s official: Zoe has been banned!  Sorry, that’s just how it is.  All may enter, but as the Danish guy learned, none may leave.

Congrats to Zoe for earning her Masters Degree at UC Berkeley, and good luck as she embarks on her next big step.  Portland giveth, and Portland taketh away. (Denmark, too, damn healthcare coverage for everybody…)

1 Hal : $36.00

2 Josh Warren : $27.00

 3 Chris Harkins : $18.00
4 Jonny O : $9.00
 5 TJ Beyer
 5 Eka Schneider
 7 Zoe Vrabel
 7 Dan Scholman
 9 Chris Lindboe
 9 Dylan Eichenbaum
 9 Devon Kelly
 9 Erin Griffin
13 Mitch Tunick
13 Erin Rey
13 Kenny
13 Henry Huang
17 Jim V
17 Jason K
One Comment
  1. ELK permalink
    May 26, 2012 12:24 pm

    Welcome Zoe!

    To the ranks of the fallen. To the land of longing. To the brotherhood of the bay area has beens and always will.

    Hope that you too will return once in a while to keep the memories blurry.

    And remember – you always welcome in Denmark!


    Mads / ELK / 1 of the banned

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