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Pin a Go Go Kids Tournament Results!

May 25, 2012

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In the Kids tournament 14 kids challenged on three machines: Lawman, Sunshine and Silver Slugger.  Kids played all three games and then got to replay a game of their choice to improve their score.  If their new score was worse than the original, the original stood.

Normally, no Final is scheduled for the Kids tournament because often times families have to leave at a certain time, however, with ties for the top four spots, a playoff was held and fortunately we were able to round up all the kids.

Dalton, Jesse and Paloma tied and had to play off for the 3rd and 4th places.  Dalton took first followed by Jesse and then Paloma.

Monica and Bella tied for 1st and 2nd with 35 points.  Monica won the playoff.  Congratulations to Monica!

Winners took home plaques, Gift Certificates for Playland not at the Beach and either a Pinball 101 or Pinball Collector DVD from Pinball Video.  Congrats to all the Kids!


Monica 35 Kids Champion
Bella Gershtein 35 2
Dalton D. 31 3
Jesse Petersen 31 4
Paloma 31 5
Tim Carlson 23 6
Nick F 20 7
Adison 18 8
Ryland 18 9
Seth 18 10
Koraly 16 11
Mickey 15 12
Rayan Batson 15 13
Elizabeth Damarco 9 14

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