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Vitus WPPR points adjusted for 2011

June 25, 2012

(Reminder:  Next tournament is 7/3 and the 7/17 vitus tournament will award wpprs)

As some of you are aware, leagues and “ongoing tournaments” like I run at Vitus “share” WPPR points.  Last year there were two wppr-eligible tournaments at Vitus and there was one so far this year (not including the launch party).  However, IFPA allocated points to those events based on the default assumption of there being four events per year (i.e. each allocated 1/4th of the total estimated points).  Since we only had two events last year, that caused the players to lose half their points.  This has been adjusted, so some of you can expect to see a decent bump.

For 2012 and the foreseeable future, I’ve decided to have three wppr-eligible tournaments per year among the twice-per-month tournaments.  That means first place should be worth around 8 – 10 wpprs, which I feel is still significant and will make a difference to all players except maybe Tim, Andrei, and Neil.

Launch parties get separate points (share with other BA launch parties) and special events, such as if we hold a “big” tournament at Vitus, are separate.

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