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Sweden invades Vitus!

July 18, 2012


(Note: no tournament on 7/31.  Next tournament 8/14)

Tuesday was busy at Vitus since world pinball ranking points, cash and $100 worth of California Extreme tournament entries were up for grabs.  31 players had to go through the double-elimination meat grinder in just five hours and the pace was relentless.  Big thanks to David Lee, Damien Charletty, Jim Vierra, Josh Warren, Aaron Wong, and others for help timing the rounds.

The format is two players assigned to two games.  The timer is started and they get three minutes on each game to put up whatever score they can.  Extra balls, Restarts, and even Continues are all fair game, but when three minutes is up whatever it says on the scoreboard is what you’re left with.

Full Double-Elimination Bracket:

Hal, Damien, Josh, David and Jonathan get ready for action.

Patrik Bodin vs. Andrei Massenkoff

Patrik Bodin of Sweden is currently ranked 24th in the world rankings and happened to be in town.  Players asked Patrik what pinball in Sweden is like, as well as how to repair their Volvos and if he was friends with the dragon tatoo girl.  He was a nice guy but I was secretly disappointed he didn’t bring any Swedish meatballs.

Patrik defeated Andrei and then lost to Hal in the winner’s bracket.

Andrei took down Eugene for a second shot at Patrik and a chance to win the loser’s bracket, but Patrik prevailed and moved on to the final match against Hal.  Patrik had to win twice against Hal to win the tournament and the action was more frenetic than a Christmas Sale at IKEA.  Patrik won the two matches to take home the win.  Congrats!

1 Patrik Bodin – $54 + $40 in CAX entries + $5 raffle prize
2 Hal Erickson – $40 + $30 in entries
3 Andrei Massenkoff – $27 + $20 in entries
4 Eugene Gershtein – $13.50 + $10 in entries
5 Damien Charletty – $5
5 Kenny Smith – $5
7 Dylan Eichenbaum – $5
7 Jonathan Olkowski – $5
9 Matt Willmarth
9 Nina G
9 David Lee – $5 raffle prize
9 Chris Lindboe
13 Edward Dobson + $5 raffle prize
13 Jim Viera
13 Josh Warren +$5 raffle prize
13 Jonathan Abrams
17 Aaron Wong
17 Devon Kelly
17 Per Schwarzenberger
17 Ashley Woodward
17 Erin Rey
17 Darren Ensley
17 Andrea Hartman
17 Nicole Anne Reik
25 Jeff Debock
25 Chris Harkins
25 Joe Said
25 TJ Beyer
25 Jeannie Rodriguez
25 Chris Gersthein – $5 raffle prize
25 Jason Roper – $5 raffle prize

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