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Super Ethical Reality Tournaments at CAX (fun tourneys)

July 21, 2012

I decided the video gamers shouldn’t have all the fun. I’ll be running two fun tourneys at CAX. If you remember the Panic Park tournaments last year, it’s in the same spirit.

Both are free. All entrants will get discount coupons to PPM and probably Playland. Other prizes as I can gather them this week. If you have a prize to donate, drop it off with me at CAX!

The first tournament is an idea people spoke of from the Wild West Pinball Show: Tag team pinball! Today at PPM warehouse, Mike hooked up a light and bell to Sky Jump. Player 1 starts on the game. Player 2 stands back behind a line away from the game. When the bell rings, the players must quickly switch!


The second tournament is The Gloves Come On! Players are fitted with a set of Boxing Gloves and try to put up their best score.

Both tourneys are single elim.  Sign-ups will be posted and I’ll run them as possible through the show.

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  1. July 22, 2012 8:46 am

    Jonny: “Yes, classic case of a department in a huge company with nothing to do
    and realizing they need to be working on something or they’ll be out of
    a job. Also see: All versions of MS Office after 2003.”

    As the next Great Depression approaches you will see more and more of this type of thing

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