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Kimball’s 12/19 Results

January 15, 2013

Sorry for taking so long to post up these results but a) I didn’t win, b) my laptop power supply took a dump, and c) I was on vacation (so no spare power supplies immediately forthcoming from work land).  Mostly it was due to a) though.  Like 80% or thereabouts.

The format was a standard double-elimination bracket with a little holiday twist: once players got knocked into the loser’s bracket they got to pick a stocking from Santa.  Santa delivered all kinds of presents to the tournament, including “nice” presents like passes to Chabot Space and Science Center and Playland not at the Beach, Pinball 101 and History of Pinball DVDs, a Watchmen Graphic Novel and so on.  Santa also delivered not-so-good prizes, like a copy of Windows 98 and a tube of Baby Butt Aid diaper rash cream.  And then there were good/bad prizes like an awful Bruce Lee rip-off movie from Kung Fu Theater titled “Bruce vs Bruce” and a bag of Sixlets – prizes that were good or bad depending entirely on who received them.

Players who were not…uh… happy with their prizes could challenge other players at a game of pinball in order to steal their prizes, and the player defending his/her prize had to DOUBLE the score of their opponent in order to defend.  Some players really jumped at the opportunity to improve their prizes.  Others just ate their prizes.  Someone went into the comedy show next door and left their prize on the table, and about five of us ate it.  Sorry (not really).

1 Tj Beyer
2 James Squires
3 Darren Ensley
4 Devon Kelly
5 Matt Willmarth
5 Echa Schneider
7 Per Schwarzenberger
7 Damien Charletty
9 Chris Merrill
9 Bob Schwarzmann
9 Josh Warren
9 Eric Wagensonner
13 Jonny O
13 Erin Rey
13 Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen
13 Keith Parkins
17 Darrin Bebout
17 Darren Brown
17 Dottie Ledesma
17 Nick Price
17 Jessie Kearse
17 Jeannie Rodriguez
17 Jeff Fehervari
17 Nina G
25 Chris Lindboe

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