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New SF League kicks off with a bang!

January 17, 2013

Since I live in Oakland I figured it would be quite a trek to attend the SF Pinball Department’s first meeting, but Per Schwarzenber, the league main honcho, won novice at the Pacific Pinball Expo last year and he’s a good guy.  I felt like I sort of owed him and the scene, so I got off my ass and hit the BART.  Turns out it was the right move, because the pinball energy is definitely in San Francisco!  A sense of obligation got me there, but the energy of the players made it tough to go home.

Super cool people, new faces, cases of PBR and lots of big scores.  It all made for an awesome night of pinball.


Even if you didn’t catch this first meeting, you can join in next time.  Check out for details!


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